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The Importance of Printing Your Portraits

Print Your Photos…It is Important

Why we Think Printing Your Photos is So Important

After you’ve taken family portrait photos — we strongly believe in the importance of printing your photos. While fewer than half of people print photos nowadays, there are a few major reasons why you should still print your photos to enjoy with your family for years to come.

Constantly relieve your memories

Theoretically, it seems possible that you can achieve this with digital photographs.

But consider this.

How many photographs do you have currently on your phone or computer? Now, how many of those photos do you look at on a regular basis? We're going to guess very few.

When you have your photographs printed, framed, and hung on a wall, you’re guaranteed to have a constant reminder of all the wonderful memories you experienced or shared. Top New Orleans wedding photographers can capture and present the most beautiful raw moments for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Guaranteed longevity

Do you rely on a hard drive or flash disk to store your image files?

Keep in mind that the ever-changing landscape of computing can render certain file formats unreadable. This can cost you your data. There’s also the constant threat of viruses that can corrupt your files.

The Cloud is also not a guaranteed safe storage option. Some Cloud storage companies have reported incidences of hacking and loss of client data.

Now, compare this to your family’s old albums that have lasted decades and have been passed from generation to generation. This is a testament that printed photographs, when properly taken care of, have a very long life.

You Put Too Much Work Into Your Family Not to Show Them Off!

Would you like to share your engagement or wedding photos with your family and friends? Having your photographs printed is an excellent way to achieve this. The best New Orleans wedding photographers will not only take amazing photos but also provide you with suitable frames for display. Such photos can often trigger conversations with visitors to your home. The heartwarming stories and jokes that follow have been known to bring families and friends much closer.

Printed photos make great decorations

Want to liven up your home?

Colorful printed photographs can improve the ambiance of any living space.

Carefully select the pictures you want, choose a specific wall or place to put them, and watch as the images light up the room and inspire everyone with pleasant memories.

Photography Is Best Enjoyed in Print

Placing family portraits in digital files and enjoying them occasionally makes sense, but the best way to admire your family portrait is to print it out. Every time you walk into your home — you’re met with a lovely photo of the people you love the most. Printed family portraits really make a house feel like a home. You can see the various options we have to print your photos on our Experience and Investment page on our website.

Whether you’re considering booking a family portrait session or printing out an existing family portrait to display in your home, please get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you.