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"I am so impressed by Amin Russell’s work!! I am so pleased and happy with everything! His work is impeccable, and I recommend him to everyone!!"

Alisha W

"I adored the work of ARPhotography before I knew the work was done by Amin Russell. The way he is able to capture the intimacy and love between two people so flawlessly. When I saw the photos I immediately had to know who was responsible for producing these amazing pictures. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon the exact same photos through a wedding website. Seeing how I thought all wedding photos were pretty much the same the name 'Not Your Typical Photography' caught my attention. Boy was I wrong!! Amin truly has an eye for detail. His eyes see what yours can't, and his mind is always in creativity mood. He has a way of making every moment of your session extremely comfortable. He not only gives good directions for poses, but he is also flexible to what poses you spontaneously create. He unexpectedly has a way to make you feel like you are one of Tyra's top models. My bridal shoot was an absolute pleasure. I felt like Cinderella going to the ball. On my wedding day, Amin had a way of being invisible. With the exception of the pre- and post wedding photos, I never knew he was there. However, the details that he managed to capture were simply breath-taking. He had a way of making the smallest detail seem so grand and exquisite. Seeing how my wedding day was all about me, it went by so fast that I didn't have time to really take in all of what was around me. The video slideshow and other still photos allowed me to relive the moment in the best way possible. I have yet to view the two without a tear in my eye. Amin and the work he creates is definitely Not Your Typical Photography! I look forward to working with him again real soon. Thank you for allowing us to relive our wedding day. You will not be disappointed hiring him as you photographer no matter what your need may be. "

Jacqueline Griffin

"Amin Russell is a true, talented, professional photographer whose vision far exceeds what your ideas in photography should be. Amin is prompt, informative and truly dedicated to his profession. I truly enjoyed working with him and will do so again in the future and refer as much as I possibly can."


"Hello again – the pics are super. So hard to choose! … Everyone that has looked at the prints have raved over your shots. I recommend you to anyone that is looking for a unique wedding photographer We’re very happy with your services and recommend you highly. Good luck in your endeavors and best wishes."

Mrs Liz Coffman

"Amin is an amazing photographer! He’s thorough and explains everything step by step. He’s extremely prompt when it comes to replying whether it’s by phone or email. I tell him all the time how awesome he is. Thanks for all you do!! 😉"

Mrs Francis P

"Our photos were awesome! We just wanted to let you know how much we really enjoy our photos. There’s almost a waiting list just so everyone can see how great we look. Your patience and ability to make our wedding so special goes a long way so we just want to say ‘Thank You!’

P.S. … I’ll tell anybody you are the best photographer in the whole wide world!"

Mrs. Bahiyyah Thomas

"Absolutely LOVE it Amin!!! You captured our wedding photos exactly how we imagined it would be. We will not hesitate to refer you to anyone whom we know are in need of a wedding photographer! Thanks for bringing out our personalities in our photos! Can’t wait to see the album!! Thanks again!"

Mr Tab Hollins

"The service provided was a great experience that we would never forget. We loved the professionalism of everything!!! Most of all we loved how we were positioned for our poses. This day was a day we will never forget!!!"


"Working with ARPhotography was a refreshing experience for myself and the groom. The professionalism, consultations, effectiveness and overall experience enabled me to not be overwhelmed or worry about whether or not the services received were adequate. If you're looking for honesty and top notch service ARP is the way to go."


"They were great to work with. My whole staff enjoyed being around these two! Such awesome people and very professional! The pictures they took this day were amazing, even with bad weather. I would highly recommend these two!"