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I’m looking for super-fun 2024 seniors who want to be part of my Senior Representative Program. In exchange for your help promoting Amin Russell Photography to your friends, you’ll receive a FREE senior photography session. Up to 2 students from each school will be chosen from Orleans and St Tammany schools and their surrounding areas.

In order to be a senior rep for Amin Russell Photography, you must:

  • Be a senior graduating in 2024
  • Like having your photograph taken and have a fun sense of personal style
  • Live in Greater New Orleans
  • Agree to promote Amin Russell Photography to your friends, family and classmates
  • Represent ONLY Amin Russell Photography and use the images from your session as your senior photos
  • Return a contract/model release signed by you and your parent/guardian.
  • A $100 non-refundable deposit is required and applied to your session portrait or product purchase.

If you are a part of Amin Russell’s senior rep program, you’ll receive the following:

  • A free mini senior photography session in April to get some great photos for your Rep Kit
  • A full portrait session with makeup artist, in the fall of your senior year with unlimited clothing changes and several locations ($375.00 value). Be prepared to spend 4-6 hours as we shoot both in the studio and on location with a multitude of backdrops and styles. No minimum purchase in prints or products.
  • The opportunity to earn print credits for every person you refer to Amin Russell Photography for your senior portraits (your friends will get perks too!).
  • A jump drive of 5 low-res, watermarked images to be used on your social networking pages (Facebook, Instagram, blog, etc.)
  • 50 personalized referral cards. Each card will be personalized with your name, your photos and our business information to hand to friends, family and classmates
  • One 5×5 press printed album with full pages of your images to be used to show to your friends, family and classmates
  • An opportunity to earn print credits and discounts for each person you refer to Amin Russell Photography.
  • All referred classmates will receive 10% off their print/product order with a valid Rep Card.

You’ll earn referral discounts for each referral you send to Amin Russell Photography. For every one of those referral cards that comes back to me by another senior with a paid portrait session, you get the following in discounts and print credits (parents love these):

  • 3-5 Referrals – 10% off print order and $25 print credit
  • 6-9 Referrals – 20% off print order and $50 print credit
  • 10 referrals – 20% off print order , $100 print credit
  • 11+ referrals – 25% off print order, $100 print credit and a $50 visa gift card

I only accept a limited amount of reps from each area. The application deadline is April 1st, 2023, and your senior rep session must take place by May 1st, 2023. By participating you are getting a free, fun, edgy, personalized, custom photography session and earning incentives and discounts towards your official, full senior portrait session!

What does being a representative for Amin Russell Photography mean?

Being a senior rep means you are a spokesperson for Amin Russell Photography’s senior sessions. All you have to do is show off your awesome pictures to your friends! You’ll be supplied with referral cards and with each referral you’ll earn opportunities for special bonuses.

What’s required of me?

  • Have a great style, lots of personality, be outgoing, and enjoy being in front of the camera
  • Be a current high school junior graduating in 2023
  • Live in and attend school in either Hinds/Madison counties or Orleans/Jefferson/St Tammany parishes
  • Be available to have one session completed by May 1st, 2023 – this will be the session that we use to create your marketing materials.
  • Agree to tell your friends and classmates about Amin Russell Photography and hand out cards with your images and my information on them to all your friends and classmates.
  • Post your images on Instagram or whatever social media you like
  • Show off your images to friends via a proof book that I will make and give to you (for free!), etc.
  • When those people book and complete a session, you will earn incentives towards your own senior portrait session.
  • The incentives and discounts you earned from promoting Amin Russell Photography will be applied to your session so that you can get tons of free prints and products!
  • Have your parents or legal guardians sign a model release form allowing me to use your images as advertising in print or web format.
  • Agree to represent ONLY Amin Russell Photography and use the images as your senior pictures.
  • Agree to have your senior portraits done by Amin Russell Photography.

Get Mom and Dad Involved!

Before you can become an official Senior Rep, you must have permission from your parent or legal guardian. Once you've filled out the application and if you are selected as a representative, an in person consultation with at least one of your parents or guardians is mandatory! Informed parents are happy parents!

Additional Information:

  • You will receive your Rep Cards by June 1, 2023.
  • You only receive credit for referrals earned before your Full Senior Session is completed. We will do your official senior session sometime between September and November 2023.
  • Any referral cards I receive between the time of your official senior session and June 4th will be kept and you can order additional products or prints with your credits.
  • If accepted as a Senior Rep, you will be representing Amin Russell Photography and telling your friends about my business throughout your senior year.
  • There is a minimum purchase of $200 after your full senior portrait session. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required and is applied towards your print and products.

I’m in, what’s next?

So are you ready for your session? If you think this program is for you, please contact us and ask for our Senior Rep application! You may also view our Senior Rep faq's.

If you are selected you will receive an email with further information, a contract and model release for signature.

Book your session!