1. Swoosh veil in front of red corvette
  2. Newhall Silhouette
  3. Elegant bride in the French Quarter
  4. Wedding couple at Woldorf Astoria Atlanta
  5. New Orleans bride photographed at City Church
  6. b4cmszlqpsv
  7. Fleur de Lis Event Center
  8. Groom portrait at Hilton on the River
  9. Dramatic wedding couple with red corvette
  10. 4vvqdawkmra
  11. Superdome Bride
  12. First dance in Ponchatoula
  13. Cinematic couple in the French Quarter
  14. Bridal portrait at the Hilton on the River
  15. myi0udzij0i
  16. Bride at NOMA
  17. Couple at The Castle at Rockwall
  18. NOMA Bride
  19. 15hrzk2nukv
  20. Classic Cathedral
  21. Swag at Red Rock Canyon
  22. Bride at Gateway Arch
  23. wzl2yxbfhix
  24. Crashed Plane
  25. Groom in the basement
  26. Dramatic groom prep at Newhall Mansion
  27. Bride at Rooftop On Basin
  28. gdp0151bdqn
  29. 2qtkrf1jfji
  30. 3x4seij4ri0
  31. wjnui3jbycr
  32. j4q5uc31sce
  33. 5dlk3anwq15
  34. 2fyvtrs4ovl
  35. cylm01rji20
  36. 02hfubugxxj
  37. Fleur de Lis PreBridal
  38. yllx1ifpihm
  39. Couple at the Castle
  40. The Old Stone Chapel
  41. Bride at Woldorf Astoria
  42. j1bxk4bdjsd
  43. Wedding couple embracing on spiral stairs
  44. qgjud2ralj2
  45. mi512o55shn
  46. 4pnjjituncl
  47. Rooftop on Basin Bar
  48. Bride awaiting her wedding
  49. wia0qmksyry
  50. zxwvjulq42w
  51. d2kfxcs2eyu
  52. nqg5xkqkjg5
  53. coodtzm4ix1
  54. Red Door Bride
  55. wildjwtd1n2
  56. Bridal prep at The Greenery
  57. oui2gl2m3hc
  58. zacfs3ydn05
  59. Wedding reception at Pink Palace Museum
  60. uxcj4uh33ko
  61. zlhss45hb4x
  62. nits2rydt3a
  63. Cathedral Silhouette
  64. Algiers Auditorium
  65. muqfapsgjgp
  66. 33ivp5bodtt
  67. French Quarter Staircase
  68. upum1ejqv3k
  69. chko2mqpyph
  70. Union Station Bride
  71. Dramatic bridal portrait at City Church
  72. Bridal Portrait taken in Baton Rouge
  73. Red Rock Bride
  74. Bridal portrait taken at New Orleans Museum of Art
  75. wb3dtmdjbgg
  76. 4t0pa5z2iyd
  77. Cedar Grove Wedding Couple
  78. Scenic Red Rock Bridal Couple
  79. lluckdcb5fx
  80. Federal Ballroom Wedding Couple
  81. anu0dyp1ns1
  82. ux4z3qzcsr5
  83. Just a bride and a French Quarter Door
  84. Winter at the Governor's Mansion
  85. gjarx0uegvb
  86. 24mj0nh5fo2
  87. xirjwvaic1g
  88. qp5hclun0wp
  89. xpimxb1tbs3
  90. c02qv01tkb2
  91. go1jxhb4jce
  92. House Of Broel
  93. yny5mngx4qm
  94. bdfhhbgcaal
  95. w5basygtqdt
  96. 1prt3zoeyck
  97. Red Rock Drama
  98. aozisaug5av
  99. 1udfqmhj5xg
  100. h142qr4syod
  101. iuqod0v4x1d
  102. ae3b05eut5h
  103. 4pqvaysckdk
  104. wge5zs122j5
  105. n24egcrb3mq
  106. Taravella Manor Couple
  107. p5l1xheivje
  108. ftzdmgio4ld
  109. twvm0n45fec
  110. swhtb3pknwx
  111. nbbswnsxgfo
  112. ahdp10fljfy
  113. pmtjfcqnupj
  114. pkepa1njpyb
  115. yw015wjtplo
  116. hqyfi40uveb
  117. 5ncffmahhxp
  118. ghpcxxaqckb
  119. zp0dsdgnxor
  120. p0xa4fhaj5s
  121. Ballroom Vaulted Couple
  122. 0t1okewp1zx
  123. malxxqp1xer
  124. vlprtkrwlkp
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New Orleans Wedding Photographer

I'm Amin Russell and I'm a New Orleans wedding photographer. Your wedding is a day you will want to remember for the rest of your life. Looking at beautiful wedding photos can instantly transport you back to that day so you can savor those memories for decades to come. I offer premium New Orleans wedding photography with an artistic approach. Your day is completely different from any other wedding, so I take a unique approach to each client's celebration to reflect that.

Cinematic Photography

My cinematic style of photography brings the drama of your big day to life, showing off the inherent romance of your wedding day. These photos aren't your typical wedding photos - with unique angles and composition, they can also serve as artwork for your home. These are pieces you will be proud to show off to family and friends and hang on your walls. You will even be able to show them to your children one day to give them a look at the magic of your wedding day.

Personal Touch

When taking photos, I want to ensure that the things that make my client special really show through in the final product. I want to focus on capturing the things that make you special as a couple, so your personalities shine in each photo. I also aim to capture the uniqueness of your wedding venue and the overall experience, so your wedding photos won't look like anyone else's. If you have a photo concept in mind for your celebration, I can work with you to bring your ideas to life.

360 Photo Booth

We offer an exciting experience to add to your NOLA wedding photography and NOLA video needs. This comes in the form of our advanced NOLA 360 Photo Booth! Our premium video booth allows you and your guests to immerse yourselves in the fun and excitement of our video photo booth and custom props and theme!

Your wedding will surely be the most memorable and fun wedding ever with our large platform that accommodates up to four people as the disco lights light up the room! Add bubbles, money gun or our spark machine and we simply guarantee a fun filled event!

Professional New Orleans Wedding Photographers Serving Greater New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson, MS and MS Gulf Coast and Beyond

As a New Orleans wedding photographer, I love capturing romantic celebrations in our beautiful city. NOLA has a magical atmosphere that's hard to find anywhere else, and I often incorporate it into my photos. However, I am also available to travel anywhere in the Gulf South and beyond for your wedding.

Free Consultation

Every detail of your wedding is important, and every service you invest in should be a good fit. That's why I offer free consultations with no commitment to you. With a consultation, we can discuss your vision for the photos as well as my creative approach to make sure the process runs smoothly and you are happy with the end product.

You Will Be Thrilled

I guarantee that you will be blown away by the quality of your wedding photos. We go above and beyond to make sure we get the essence of your celebration on film. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

Pricing and Information

No two weddings are alike and there is no cookie cutter process with our services either. We will tailor a collection suitable to your individual needs based on your needs and wants. Collections include plenty of coverage time, albums, our signature style editing, digital negatives and a host of other options starting at $1699.